Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Hello all to have the pleasure to read this :) My name is Jon AKA BUDAH. I recently got sponsered by Xfuel. It's an energy drink made by gamers for gamers! As you can tell, I am a major gamer. I love to play video games and have for a really long time. I'm going to college in the summer for Digital Game Design. Big suprise huh? xD

Anyway, since this is my first blog I just want to talk about this sponsership. I've always wanted to be sponsered in some way shape or form and It's just unbelievable that it happend this quickly.

The sponser basically works this way. I don't get paid by how much they want to pay me, I get paid by how much sales I can make. So basically I make how much ever I want to. I gotta tell you, it's really hard work. Just trying to get people to my site is a nightmare. But, it's do-able.

I play alot of Guitar Hero, Frets on Fire and FPS' like CoD and Halo. I've been playing video games for a long time and I've played with alot of great players, and not so great players. I usually get the comment, oh, you have no life, your just a faggy nerd who sits on his ass and eats doritos all day. Not the case.

I love to go chill out with my friends and party, just like any other 19 year old dude. Just today me and a couple of my friends were downtown Altoona screaming at hot women and chillen at the mall. Good times xD.

Last but not least, I know this is my first blog ever and it might seem boring, but, I promise I'll work on it (and some of my english skills) if you please visit my youtube account. Comment, Rate, Subscribe, and go to my sponsers site while your there.




  1. Like any good blog I thought this needed to be started off right...FIRST!

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